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BNBA Umpire Information

Love baseball and want to make some money? Consider being a youth umpire! BNBA would like to invite anyone 14 years or older to apply to officiate games in our Recreational League for the 2024 season. The application is posted below. If interested, please fill out the form and submit. Anyone from the age of 14 and up can apply to umpire for BNBA and although no experience is necessary, those who have even minimal experience in umpiring, or, have at least played baseball will do well. However, even those with no experience can learn to officiate with training. BNBA does provide two training dates just before the season begins. We will also provide one on one training for those who feel they need more, as well as placing them with a more experienced umpire. All returning umpires with 3 or more years of experience must attend the first training session, and any new candidates or umpires with 2 or less years of experience must attend both sessions. The BNBA insists that all our umpires be mature, independent, focused, and responsible. After submitting your application, you will be notified when to come in to the
BNBA office.

BNBA umpires are required to have a blue game card with them at every game they officiate. Umpires should fill out this card with the information requested and keep track of score and pitch count for every pitcher. At the end of the game both Head Coaches should sign each umpire's card and rate their performance at the bottom of the card. Officials should arrive at their scheduled game at least 15 minutes before game time and be prepared to start the game on time. BNBA requires 48 hours advanced notice from any official that can't work a previously scheduled game. Even if 48 hours advanced notice is not possible, all officials are responsible to find a replacement for any game previously scheduled. If an umpire arrives at a game site and the game is canceled after arrival, they will be compensated, however, if the umpire is notified before arrival, they will not be compensated. BNBA utilizes SignUpGenius to post umpire schedules. Umpires will be able to sign up for as many games as they wish once the two training sessions are complete. A link to the schedule will be provided below.

Compensation: $25 per game for all individuals regardless of years of experience. However, any BNBA umpire who is IHSA certified will be compensated $35 per game. Pay days are on the 15th and 30th/31st of each month. Any game cards must be turned in 5 days prior to the pay day. For example: pay day is the 15th, cards should be turned in by the 10th. Paychecks can be picked up at the office on pay day unless it falls on a Sunday.

Umpires officiate baseball games, and are responsible for observing game play, enforcing game rules, and, when necessary, making judgment calls regarding the actions of players and coaches. Typical umpire duties include:

  • Enforcing game rules during play. 
  • Inspecting equipment and, if necessary, assessing players to ensure fitness for use or participation.
  • Regulating when game play should start or stop.
  • Listen to and resolve complaints by Head coaches.
  • Setting and enforcing penalties.


Anyone considering becoming an umpire should perform a self-assessment and consider whether they possess the following qualities:

  • A deep love of baseball and a strong understanding of its rules.
  • A willingness to learn regulations and keep up-to-date on new policies.
  • Time flexibility that allows for taking time off to attend clinics, trainings and games.
  • The ability to pay attention to game play.
  • The ability to make judgments about player and coach behavior and render a decision quickly on the field.
  • The ability to keep one's cool when faced with angry coaches, players or parents.
  • The physical ability to move around the field as necessary.

The Umpire meetings for 2024 are tentatively scheduled for 
Saturday May 4, 2024 at 10am,
Saturday May 11, 2024 at 10am. Any changes will be communicated here. Location
is still to be determined.

Below you will find the link to the Umpire Application. Please fill out the application and click on 
the submit button. Submit your application no later than April 30, 2024.

Field Crew Information

Field Crew Duties and Responsibilities:

Members of the BNBA field crew are responsible for any and all tasks related to set up and prepping of baseball
fields for practices and games that are held throughout the Bloomington-Normal area. BNBA crew members are
responsible for the correct and safe use of any and all equipment they use or operate. Below are some of the 
tasks, but are not limited to, that our field crew members are expected to perform.

1. Operating trucks, trailers, and ATV's in a safe and proper manner. Performing weekly inspections and cleaning
    of this equipment.

2. Using field maintenance equipment in a safe and proper manner

3. Arrive to work on time for team meeting. At this time each crew will receive their assignments, and load
    trucks with equipment needed.

4. Upon arrival at each field, one crew member will pull bases and begin to drag. While the other crew member
    will begin to prep the mound area and batters box area, ensuring these areas are filled in and level. Never
    drag the mound area! Drag field at a slow speed.

5. Once the dragging of the field, and raking of the mound and batters box areas are completed the crew will
    chalk the base lines, and batters box (if there is a game, if no game, crew will drag only). After chalking re-
    rake the batters box area being careful to not disturb the lines. Replace the bases.

6. On the way out, pick up any trash around the dugouts. Move on to the next field.

7. The Director may assign other duties at any time.

If you are interested in a great summer job that pays $14 an hour, please
scroll down to the link for the Field Crew Employment Application. Fill it 
out and submit. You will be contacted for an interview.



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