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Welcome To The Bloomington

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Welcome To The Bloomington Normal Baseball Association
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2020 Board Members

 Doug Miller- President     309-310-6283     [email protected]   Term ends Oct 2020
Nick Heineman- Treasurer, VP Renegade Baseball     309-242-2208     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2020
Paul Thompson- VP Youth Baseball     309-838-5492     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2020
Darren Fischer- VP of Gold     309-212-7556     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2021
Mike Brown     309-208-2988     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2021
Ed Heineman     000-000-0000     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2020
Cary Frey     309-684-8361     [email protected]     Tern ends Oct 2020
Mike Moews     309-530-7810     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2021
Steve Paxson     309-438-8913     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2021
Ryan Short     309-451-1841     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2020
Mike Willie     309-438-5610     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2020
Luke Peifer     309-310-7888     [email protected]     Term ends Oct 2020
 In-House / Field Crew Director Paul Thompson     309-829-2129     [email protected]
2020 Interns:


For more than 50 years our organization has provided the youth of Bloomington-Normal and surrounding communities with the opportunity to be a part of America's pastime. Formerly known as American Legion Baseball , and American Junior Baseball, the Bloomington-Normal Baseball Association provides our local youth with a recreational and competitive level of baseball.Our recreational level has 5divisions,
TBall(5-6),Rookie(7-8),American(9-10),National(11-12),Major(13-14). Also know as In-House, our recreational teams begin play in early May and end in mid July. Our competitive level teams are known as the Renegades, with teams from 8U to 14U. Our High School level travel teams, known as the Bloomington-Normal Gold, with teams from 15U to 18U, consist of some of the best local talent.
With any organization, large or small, there will no doubt be difficulty with communications. Sometimes it's a total lack of communication, or simply not enough information. The lines of communication get severed or criss-crossed in the attempt to share information. There is also times when the information is shared but does not get passed along, or it arrives at it's destination later than it was intended to. Last season my Intern and I made every attempt to minimize these problems, but we were guilty of these communication snafus at one time or another. Having said that, I would like to apologize to all the parents and participants of the program, and make this promise to make communication clearer, gets to the right people, and on time. All we ask is that all involved work with us, and understand that we are diligently doing our part to make your child's baseball season satisfying and fulfilling. Again, we apologize, and hope that all of us will work together to grow and strengthen our program.
All of us at the Bloomington-Normal Baseball Association realize the impact our program has had and could have on many lives. An experience full of wonderful relationships with friends and mentors, and one that has instilled the values of community service and striving for excellence. Better days lie ahead for us as we work to make a positive impact on the lives of our participants and the communities they live in. With that in mind, let us not forget our organizations purpose- to provide a baseball experience in an environment that promotes growth and development in not only the skills of the game but in life as well. May we move forward in friendship and cooperation.

Walk-In Registration: Saturday, February 29th, 10am - 4pm

Equipment/Uniform Sale: Starting February 29th and ending March 28th during office hours

Regular registration ends / Late registration begins on April 15th

Practices Begin May 4th

Games Begin May 18th

Picture day is May 23rd (at the Corn Crib)

Field Status

Field Status

  • Tipton East Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • Tipton E
  • Tipton West Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • Tipton W
  • White Oak Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • White Oak
  • Fairview Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • Fairview
  • Eagle View East Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • Eagle View East
  • Oakdale Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • Oakdale
  • O'Neil Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • O'Neil
  • Stevenson Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • Stevenson
  • Northpoint Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • Northpoint
  • Champion Fields Updated: 10/15/19 5:23PM
    • Champion #2
    • Champion #3
    • Champion #4
    • Champion #1
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